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Fifth Element: The best movie ever!



What is the Fifth Element?

This post is about the best movie ever – The Fifth Element, a movie from 1997 directed by the super talented French director Luc Besson (Transporter series, Revolver, Taken, La Femme Nikita, Taxi, Leon,L’immortel … it goes on like this …).

Basically, if you haven’t seen it (c’mon really?), the story goes like this: A mild mannered taxi driver, well an ex-military specialist trained in all of the arts and technology of combat, is swept into a “save the earth” mission after a hot babe (Milla Jovovich – See below) literally falls through the roof of his taxi cab. A flying taxi cab. That flies through the air.

Figure 1: Babe

Figure 1: Babe

After winning a radio prize to go to Phloston Paradise on a magical space cruise, the taxi driver, otherwise known as Korben Dallas (AKA Bruce “the juice” Willis), must slaughter hundreds of evil alien mercenaries in the hope to see the blue alien lady named Plavalaguna sing (On a side note: I totally would!).

5th-element Plavalaguna

5th-element Blue Alien Plavalaguna

In all seriousness though, this movie is spectacular! The cast is great, the sound is powerful and rich, the visual style and technology is astounding, and the story and plot are very intriguing and compelling. Any science fiction movie fan would be insane to not have seen this film.

Oh! And it has Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod! How could anyone forget this character! He’s super green: