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Four YouTube channels that you can’t miss!

Aimbot YouTube video by freddiew

Aimbot by freddiew youtube channels

Every now and then you might stumble across a hilarious video on YouTube and share it with your friends on Facebook or email it to your family members.

Likewise, one of your buddies might send you a link to some strange web video with a song, a cat, a nutshot, or a delightful combination of any of the above.

But let’s cut to the chase – why not just bookmark some heavy hitters on YouTube and keep up with their exploits all the time?

We got some for you! You can thank us later.


This guy is freaking amazing! He is a musical genius and even interacts with his own fans – he does things like You Write the Lyrics:

YouTube user destorm also does funny video throwbacks like BACK TO THE 90’s (with a dude who looks like Matt LeBlanc):

This man is definitely a star in his own right, but his musical and comedic talent dominate his videos. You can’t go wrong with songs that sound good but also have a new spin on them.

Check out destorm’s take on Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (now with BeatBox):

Destorm is a genuinely cool guy who deserves bigger and better things – like a movie or TV show role. For now, just watch his videos and share him with your friends!

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Just like the hundreds of fan videos for Counter-Strike and of course the inevitable surplus of awesome gaming videos, freddiew loves to make gamers happy.

He can even do a freaking rocket jump:

Freddiew also knows about the ins and outs of online gaming, as well as the many gripes, like hackers who use aimbots:

Check out his most popular video, Future First Person Shooter:

He is also a pro at using special effects, great characterization, and funny commentary. Suffice to say, freddiew and destorm should work together, they’d make a great team!

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The CorridorDigital videos are great for gamers! (Speaking of which, you should check this out!)

Check out Video Game Cheats in Real Life, which features two of the above stars as well – destorm as the Demoman and freddiew with a surprise cameo:

The team at CorridorDigital goes all out and doesn’t hold back when it comes to special effects, and they excel when it comes to mixing digital after effects with real-time actual explosions – just as it should be.

Take a look at their video Mini Action Movie:

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schmoyoho is a YouTube channel that shouldn’t need any introduction. They put together a little something called The Bed Intruder Song (you my have heard of it – over 57 million have so far):

But they also have a hit (shortayeeee) with their second episode of Auto Tune the News:

And making baby videos and Kanye West into a song:

It’s almost guaranteed that they will keep pumping out quality stuff for a while, so make sure to keep an eye on schmoyoho.

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