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T-Mobile may soon become part of Sprint after shareholders approved the merger. Now, both companies have to get regulator approval, but this may prove to be difficult.

Those who went shopping at Target over Black Friday or during the few weeks that followed, your information may be in danger. Target has reported the biggest financial crime in history after 40 million people got their credit and debit card numbers stolen in store.

Does antibacterial soap do more harm than good? Well, that is the question the FDA wants answered. All makers of antibacterial soap are being asked to research their soaps to see if they are safe or not.

Halloween’s passed us by and we’re well on our way towards Christmas (I recommend starting your shopping … last month), but who doesn’t love a good old creepy story? Some of these are proven hoaxes, and some of these are Read more…

If you love fried greasy food … you may soon be out of luck. The FDA is attempting to pass a new proposal that will ban trans-fats, which is the leading cause of heart disease in America. Will this pass or is this just another example of “big brother knows best?”

Burger King tries to clean up its “unhealthy” image by offering fries that have 30 percent fewer calories and have 40 percent less fat.

Facebook tries to hang in the limelight by following Twitter’s lead. They are doing this by adding hashtags and real-time conversations to their site.

In the first time in a long time, Yahoo is giving Google a run for its money. This news comes to light as Yahoo was finally able to pass Google in total unique pageviews. Apparently Yahoo’s CEO is achieving her goal of reinventing the Yahoo name.

Check out this interactive journey from Earth to Mars – works great in your browser or phone!

The Intel Science Talent Search, a high school science and math competition, announces its winners.

It seems that the human race has once again avoided the end of the world.

Sometimes men just need to grow a beard – women don’t like them cause they “hurt their face” or something like that, but we all know they’re just jealous. Check out this music video and chart – both about beards.

Since we messed up and didn’t have a couple of FIBs (due to vacation time!), we get a double dose today!

Also some cool facts about elephants and Tetris.

Ron Burgundy to dog: You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.

Here are some great sites to check out – hopefully you will find some interesting and hilarious web comics!