Calvin and Hobbes snowmen made into a miniature montage

Calvin and Hobbes has always been a little on the ridiculous side when it comes to making comics about snowmen.

Sample Web Developer or Web Designer contract for freelancing

What you do you do when there is a failure in your contract? You are not protected by any kind of written, agreed upon list of rules for your work. When you don't set boundaries for people, they often try to walk all over you, or at the very least, put little add-ons that slowly add up. Well, here is a contract outline that you can use to make your next project easier.

The client relationship: How freelancers get screwed out of money

Designers and developers alike know how much of a hassle it is to have wishy-washy clients, confused bosses, or uninformed managers with weird aesthetic or user-experience vendettas ("let's make an exciting Flash animation intro!").

When Egypt got their internet turned off, Google noticed

There was no internet and no cell phone SMS text messaging for anybody in Egypt. They essentially went dark from the web for an extended amount of time! While they still had communication via land line telephones, most people in the country and the world were in a state of disbelief.

Twitter username creation: What to do if your Twitter username is taken

So some of your friends or family are jumping on Twitter, and you want to keep up with them (follow us on Twitter here). But when you make an account, you find that your desired Twitter username is taken, or perhaps your real name is taken too! Don't fret, we have some ideas to create a Twitter name that is likable, memorable, and totally unlike anything you have ever seen before!

Six quick ways to get smarter faster

While some of these techniques on their own will make your brain work harder and more efficiently, compiling all of them into one big habit will make you feel, think, and do much more effectively. These are some of the easiest hacks you could do for your body and mind.

Four YouTube channels that you can’t miss!

Every now and then you might stumble across a hilarious video on YouTube and share it with your friends on Facebook or email it to your family members. Likewise, one of your buddies might send you a link to some strange web video with a song, a cat, a nutshot, or a delightful combination of any of the above. But let's cut to the chase - why not just bookmark some heavy hitters on YouTube and keep up with their exploits all the time? We got some for you! You can thank us later.

The Evolution of a geek. A flowchart

Geeks can and do come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

If real life were like the internet

What if our daily lives reflected what happened on the internet, or even within our range of technology? Here we take a look at how things would be if real life mirrored technology.

Only in

Stereotypes are everywhere nowadays, and they have been for a while.

Civilization X: A Rant

Property, whether it be physical or mental, monetary or real estate, can be quantified. Education, jobs, friendships, family and ideas are all, to a certain extent, types of possession that can be molded into a general object of property. Of course, no amount of property can determine how civilized one person may be.

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