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Check out this awesome chart detailing every single feature you could possibly want to compare between the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4

Sony’s Vita is struggling to find itself in a hand held gaming market that is dominated by Nintendo’s 3DS. Despite this, Sony tries to keep Vita owners happy with a new update that provides users with new features.

How much do you want your gaming console to know about you? Do you want it to know how much you are sweating while playing games? Well, this was an idea that Sony considered adding to their PS4 controllers.

Sony have chosen to work with a company called ‘Boku’ in order to establish the service and the two have also successfully organised a deal with all of the UK mobile phone service operators, meaning that everyone in the UK who has a PSN account and a working mobile phone will be able to top up their PSN wallet this way.

With the advancement of technology so advanced now that every game looks as good as a Hollywood movie, it’s important that we savor the games of yesteryear.

Nintendo has always been the king of the handheld market. Ever since it released its GameBoy years ago, no other competitor has been able to knock it out of the top spot, despite plenty of companies trying to take its Read more…

As part of Sony’s commitment to gamers, online multiplayer on their consoles has always been free. Up until now, as they’ve just announced that using online multiplayer on PS4 will cost gamers money.

SOE plans to bring DCUO and PS2 to their new PS4. Too many acronyms? Read more to find out what it all means?

If you have God of War: Ascension, head to your PS3 now and get the demo for The Last of Us!

When a tech industry company changes something or makes a decision on our behalf, it can become a grievance, bugging the crap out of consumers and fans alike. Here are some annoying things that corporations do.

Sexism, online racism, violence, vulgarity, lewdness, cliches, bad gameplay: none of these can outdo the worst thing that has infested video games today.

And the problem is no one of these areas entirely encompasses the main problem that is rampant within today’s 3D interactive software. Nor is the problem due to the negative media attention or political action that has taken arms against a favored pastime of many people across the world.

The Helghast are back, war is upon you, and there is a great chance to get sneak peak at Killzone 3. Time to load up and get ready to kill some more Mamoru Oshii inspired baddies.

While Killzone 3’s release is just around the corner, Sony has so graciously announced a Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta that will be available for download on the PlayStation Network starting Wednesday, February 2nd.

Bethesda has officially announced the launch date to one of the most long awaited sequels to an award winning game and treasured Western RPG.

Coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 (and possibly other platforms), the new title, named The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will hit stores on 11.11.11!

Panasonic has announced its portable platform: the Jungle, signaling the return of Panasonic to the gaming market since the much loved and much despised 3DO. Looking like a cross between a Nintendo DS and a netbook, the Jungle will have a full QWERTY keyboard and twin touch pads for control with.

Not willing to take on the DS or PSP battle just yet, Panasonic is promoting the Jungle as a machine for MMO players with their first title being a Battlestar Galactica MMO.

But as some have probably already noticed, the spawn points in some MP maps aren’t very good. Others are downright broken. Patch this please?

Hackers are usually considered a bad thing. Or a strange fear left over from 90s hysteria. Hackers are bad, but let’s not start a witch hunt every time we play video games online!

Either way, there are tons of gamers out there that think every great player in an online multiplayer gaming session is a hacker. Well, we beg to differ.

The time has come for another new phone device! Sony SVP Peter Dille recently mentioned that the PSP isn’t equal in strength or ease as it’s larger relative, the PS3, saying, “I don’t think we fully realize that vision with Read more…