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It is time for “The Walking Dead” mid-season finale, and fans should definitely expect to see one ‘intensely dramatic’ episode on Sunday night when the zombies take over AMC for the final time of 2013. This season has taken fans Read more…

Are you ready for more zombie action to fill your Sunday nights? Just when you thought you couldn’t wait another minute for the return of The Walking Dead to AMC, the weekend of the season premiere has finally arrived. That Read more…

From The Shrinking Man to The Twilight Zone, Hell House to What Dreams May Come, Matheson has had an enormous effect on the world of art, and whether you have read his works or not, his influence is all over the stories you already know. Get to your local bookshop and dig out a copy of one of his works. You’ll soon be smiling when you discover you’ve seen or heard it before. Just remember that Richard Matheson did it first.

Despite the amount of video games, comic books, novels and TV shows such as the awesome Walking Dead series that have arrived on the scene, the zombie genre keeps getting up after being shot multiple times.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are used to dealing with high expectations of their work by now. Back in 2004, when their first feature film collaboration Shaun of the Dead was released, it was just three years after their seminal TV show Spaced, a show that blew the cobwebs off the tired sitcom format of twenty-something’s hanging around in swanky wine bars and getting into “adventures”, and all the time whilst being accompanied by a very loud laughing track.

With only one episode left in the amazing third season of The Walking Dead, someone has to die! Who do you think it will be?

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Some of these songs are just so exciting that they make you start grooving in your chair, and their videos are equally worthy of your attention. You might even see a video for a song that you haven’t heard before! Check them out.

In a time of recession and economic hardships, the last thing major studios want to do is sink hundreds of millions into a movie that won’t break even, especially with competing studios crumbling and filing for bankruptcy all around them.

The creatives have run for the hills and the accountants have taken over Hollywood.

Beyond Black Mesa, the independent fan film inspired by the Half-Life Video Game series, is a blast to watch. Focused on a new character named Adrian Shephard, the film shows him and his ragtag squad of resistance fighters plowing their way through zombies and danger to make sure the world knows about the impending invasion that is building inside of Black Mesa.

But as some have probably already noticed, the spawn points in some MP maps aren’t very good. Others are downright broken. Patch this please?

Nothing is free in life – free Nazi treasure comes with a price – zombies.