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Rockstar sett to take on the mobile world with an iOS and Android based “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” How will the game play on your phone?

YouTube sees the number of people viewing its videos increase on mobile devices. At this rate, PC viewers will be in the minority in just a few years.

Mobile phones, we all have them but just how safe are they? For one 23-year-old stewardes, her iPhone 5 turned out to be the death of her.

Sony have chosen to work with a company called ‘Boku’ in order to establish the service and the two have also successfully organised a deal with all of the UK mobile phone service operators, meaning that everyone in the UK who has a PSN account and a working mobile phone will be able to top up their PSN wallet this way.

Check out this interactive journey from Earth to Mars – works great in your browser or phone!

With this acquisition, Adobe’s strengthens their goal to integrate Behance’s site into Creative Cloud.

With two new cheap quality tablets on the market, one would ask themselves which one to get. We think both are swell, and have compiled a list of reasons why!

Ever wonder how web design came to be? We take a look back from the beginning, and also preach about standards and guidelines.

When a tech industry company changes something or makes a decision on our behalf, it can become a grievance, bugging the crap out of consumers and fans alike. Here are some annoying things that corporations do.

With the brand new NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor, a beastly CPU that will give the Samsung Android Tablet a pretty substantial upgrade, the new Samsung Galaxy looks to become a large jump for the mobile device market. Plus it’s lighter and more energy efficient!

Google has announced that Google Translate, their popular app that makes language barriers almost nonexistent, has received an update to the Android version which makes a pretty hefty step into the future of communication.

Gone are the days of fiddling through translation books looking for the right thing to say or awkwardly uttering words of phrases that you barely understand. Google made it easy in their first version of Translate for the Android by allowing you to convert text on the fly and even speak into the phone and have it translated.

According to the statistics ending November 2010, Google Android users now make up 26% of the mobile phone market, second to RIM’s (owners of Blackeberry) leading 33.5% market share.

Compared to the numbers from August 2010, it seems as though the Android user surge hurt the Blackberry and Microsoft mobile markets the most, with Microsoft losing 1.8% and Blackberry losing a whopping 4.1%!