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Jack White is a man of many talents and ambitions. After more than  two decades of work in the rock industry, it’s  fair to say he has quite the repertoire, and the associated acts list on his Wikipedia page is Read more…

Miley Cyrus knows how to stay in the spotlight. This time she gave another questionable performance during the MTV EMAs. People were shocked to see her twerking with a dwarf and smoking a joint on stage.

Last week, one of the most important musicians of the last couple centuries passed away. Instead of thinking about that sad death, let’s look a little at Lou Reed’s life.

Chris Brown finds himself in trouble yet again for assault. This time, however, he was not accused of hitting a female but getting into a fight with a man while trying to take a picture with two females. He was still on probation for assaulting Rihanna.

Lady Gaga is not known for doing things the “normal” way, but maybe that is a good thing because it has always worked for her. Well, the promotion of her new album is not different. Every time she announces a new single, she promotes it in a rather … odd way.

Our top twelve songs from Pink Floyd – featuring songs from all of their hit albums.

Everyone always talks about Miley and her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. However, there was a guy up on the stage too. A guy who is married. How does his wife feel about this performance?

Just because August is upon us, it doesn’t mean that Summer is any less in progress than in July, when the first part of this summer album round-up was posted. A good song in July is still a good song Read more…

Just before the drop of her new single this month called “Applause,” Lady Gaga finds herself back in the spotlight … but where has she been for the past few months? In a recent interview with WWD, Lady Gaga bears it all about her hip surgery that forced her to cancel her tour.

From the heatwaves of when you were younger to the barbeques that you already have planned for the remaining summer months, the perfect summer anthem can make or break a get together in this kind of weather, so sit back, enjoy the rays and let us give you our recommendations for the best summer albums in our multi-part series.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, especially in music, and especially in rock ‘n’ roll. In many circles, if you’re seen as underground or uncommercial, this somehow gives you more credibility, as if you have to pass through Read more…

The Stone Roses exploded out of nowhere in 1989, and brought with them an album that sits high on the majority of British journalists, magazines and music fans’ Top 10 album lists.

Check out the catchy, summery sound from SHY NATURE, a band from London on the verge of a great new album release.

Random Access Memories has debuted at #1 on charts all over the world. It is the fourth studio album from French electronic dance duo Daft Punk.

Here are five more music videos for you to listen, watch, and enjoy! Because of their uniqueness and entertainment factor, we think you will have fun with them!

This music video is pretty damn amazing and the song is really damn amazing!

Here are six soundtracks that bring emotion and connectivity to their respective films and enhance their film’s success to the infinite degree.

Some of these songs are just so exciting that they make you start grooving in your chair, and their videos are equally worthy of your attention. You might even see a video for a song that you haven’t heard before! Check them out.

Prince is one unique dude. Therefore, you might be surprised to learn that other artists have done his songs — sometimes better. For instance, the world might not have ever been introduced to Sinead O’Connor without her big ballad on a Prince song. Prince recently played a long string of dates in Los Angeles, so it seems like as good a time as any to reconsider some of the cover versions of his songs that are out there.