YouTube Views on Mobile Devices Skyrocket

YouTube sees the number of people viewing its videos increase on mobile devices. At this rate, PC viewers will be in the minority in just a few years.

Acer C720 Chromebook for Pre-order, but Is It Worth It?

The Acer C720 specs have been released! The question is now: Is this Chromebook worth your hard earned cash?

LG Announces Plans to Start Making a Flexible OLED Screen for Smartphones

LG looks to change the world of smartphones by making a flexible screen for your phone. The days of glass screens may soon be a think of the past for both tablets and smartphones.

Investors want Bill Gates to Step Down as the Chairman of Microsoft

Bill Gates, the Co-founder of Microsoft, has just been asked to stepped down as the head chairman. Three of the companies major investors said that they want Gates out so the company can drive forward.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Overview

Watch out iPad, there is a new Kindle in town. The new Fire HDX is not only running on a Snapdragon, but it has twice as much memory as the previous Fire tablet that was released. All of this for a very attractive price tag.

BlackBerry Delays Highly Anticipated Release of Messenger System on Rival Operating Systems

BlackBerry wants to try and stay popular in an ever changing world by releasing its most popular service, BlackBerry Messenger, to other phone operating systems. However, the roll out of this service has now been delayed.

PayPal to Replace Credit Cards with New App Update

PayPal has been around for a while, and when it first came about, no one could have foreseen that it would grow into what it has become today. That being said, PayPal is still looking to expand even further. Now its goal is to get you to ditch…

Amazon Website goes Down, Costs Company Thousands of Dollars

Online retail giant Amazon recently went offline for under an hour. Although this does not seem like a long time, it may have cost the company close to $1 million.

BlackBerry Tries to Stay in the Smartphone Race with New 9720

BlackBerry is losing its footing in the world of smartphones. it is trying everything it can to stay current. However, its latest operating system has yet to catch on. In order to keep its dying user base, BlackBerry has released a new phone sporting an old OS.

FireFox OS Phone Challenges iOS and Android With $80 Price Tag

When people think of phones, they usually think of two operating systems: Android and iOS. Of course, it is hard to blame people who think this way because the market is dominated by these two operating systems. It now appears, however, that…

Netflix Upgrading its Service to Include Multiple User Profiles

Netflix is looking to continue improving its service by allowing accounts to add different profiles. However, it will not be available on all devices right away.

Google Looks to Challenge Apple TV with Cheaper Alternative, Chromecast

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Apple TV and Roku? Well, Google might have just what you need. Its called Chromecast and it will only set you back $35.

Google Buys a 6.3 Percent Stake in Himax Display

Google looks to be getting serious with its plans to bring Google Glass mainstream by buying a huge stake in Himax Display.

Apple Investigates Claims that a Woman Died from a Shock Caused by a Charging iPhone 5

Mobile phones, we all have them but just how safe are they? For one 23-year-old stewardes, her iPhone 5 turned out to be the death of her.

Pandora Gets Stutter-free Playback and Auto-pause in New iOS Update

Pandora has just launched a new update for iOS devices. This update includes bug fixes, an auto-pause feature and event "stutter free" playback.

X-ray Vision Possible Thanks to Wi-Fi Signal Trackers

What if everyone had the ability to track people lurking on the other side of walls? Well, this is an ability that Professor Dina Katabi wants to give to ordinary people. How could such a thing be possible? With new technology called Wi-Vi.

AMD: Your provider of next generation GPUs, CPUs, and even Mac Pro power

What do Apple, Sony, and Microsoft all have in common?

Holy Smack! The Razer Blade gaming laptop is so slim it's scary

With the summer fast approaching it's become time for hardware and computer companies to start gearing up for the large base of gamers out there looking for something to to. Razer has a definite shot at being one of the winners with this new beauty.

Samsung reveals the Evolution Kit: Get the latest Smart TV features without having to upgrade your flat screen!

With the Evolution Kit, consumers can enjoy the latest features and services every year without having to purchase a brand new set.